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Intelligent agent

Intelligent agent 
An intelligent agent (IA) is an agent acting in an intelligent manner. It perceives its environment, takes actions autonomously in order to achieve goals.
Russell & Norvig (2003) group agents into five classes based on their degree of perceived intelligence and capability:
1: Simple reflex agents. 
2: Model-based reflex agents. 
3: Goal-based agents. 
4: Utility-based agents. 
5: Learning agents. ... 

AI Agents

AI Agents Platforms

OpenAI platform

Google platform 
AI Data Agent with Gemini API | Build with Google AI ... 

Meta/Facebook platform
LLocal Agentic RAG w/ llama3 ... 

Amazon platform
What are AI Agents?

Apple platform 


Books on AI Agents

Artificial Intelligence: Foundations of Computational Agents
David L. Poole and Alan K. Mackworth 2023. (3rd Edition). … 

Building AI Agent:
Learn Building AI Agents, A Practical Guide for Building Intelligent Agents.
Cover Building with OpenAI Gym, AWS AI.
Natenapis Faraksa (2024). Kindle Edition. ... 

OpenAI platform

AI Agents på OpenAI platformen

Assistants API
Embed Your Custom GPT. OpenAI key.

Arsenii Shatokhin

Semantic Kernel

Building AI Agents with Microsoft Semantic Kernel:
Easily add AI capabilities to build your own copilot experiences into your applications.
Lucas A. Meyer 2024. ... 

Meta platform

Meta/Facebook platform
LLocal Agentic RAG w/ llama3 ... 

Tenyx’s open-source Llama 3 model 
AI startup Tenyx’s fine-tuned open-source Llama 3 model outperforms GPT-4 ... 

The AI-powered voice agent that customers actually want

Meta & FB

Meta ad tools 
Meta unveils enhanced AI-powered ad tools at NewFronts 2024 ... 

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Apple platform 

Apple platform

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